From the wilderness at Stoke and Newcastle, to become a hero for Real Madrid: The crazy story of Joselu...

Even though we had forgotten it, there was a tiem when Joselu was in England. There, he was considered a flop transfer. And now, the 34-year-old forward, scored twice to send his beloved Real Madrid to the final of the Champions League! This, only happens in football!

From the wilderness at Stoke and Newcastle, to become a hero for Real Madrid: The crazy story of Joselu...


It is impressive what scenarios can unfold in everyone's life and career and turn to stories that you can tell and reflect at some point, considering the effort that can lead to something very good.

Even if you "fall", even if you don't succeed somewhere, even if some people think you are not enough, if you "get up", only good things can happen in the future.

Something like this has also happened with Joselu. He played as a substitute at the Champions League semi-final second leg against Bayern Munich and scored twice in two minutes to send Real into the final in London. Aiming for the 15th European title in the club's history.

This man who relished historic moments to the fullest, who heard the crowd rave about him, who received adoration, support and encouragement from his team-mates, in the past would have blamed himself for his poor stats in English football.

In 2015 he got an 8 million transfer from Hannover to Stoke. A year later he was loaned to Deportivo La Coruña. He did not convince the team. The "Potters" transferred him to Newcastle for 5.5 million in 2017. The "Magpies" two years later sold him to Alaves for half the amount.

Joselu suffered while being part of the teams in England. He scored only 10 goals in the Premier League. He was called a flop. In other words, a transfer that did not manage to do anything great. This will always be a "wound" for him. No matter how much he heals, no matter how much he leaves it behind, no matter how much he thinks that all the obstacles in our way lead to what we really deserve, he will remember England and be bitter.

Joselu is the worthy example of a man who never gave up. You will "fall" on the way. It is the only sure thing. Unavoidable. The point is to understand that it is worth seeing yourself standing. And capable of everything. Even if for some, you will always be the "bad guy" in their story...