Newcastle fans do believe it: an amazing bet on the outcome of a historic run in the Champions League!

An amazing statistic emerges from an English bookmaker, in which Newcastle fans are presented as optimistic. Perhaps even over-optimistic. They are betting on their team winning the Champions League. They believe it. Imagine if two consecutive losses didn't count…  

Newcastle fans do believe it: an amazing bet on the outcome of a historic run in the Champions League!


They are in the last place of the 6th group of the Champions League, but just 3 points behind the leaders, Borussia Dortmund.

They were beaten twice by the Germans, of course unlucky in England, having missed so many chances, but the performance against Paris Saint-Germain and the draw at the San Siro, give them room to hope that nothing is decided.

We are of course talking about Newcastle, who in their first appearance in the top inter-club competition after 20 years, have every right to believe that in the two remaining games, they can be the ones to qualify for the last 16 of the competition.

Their group was the most difficult of the competition from the beginning, they have fought a lot, they are close and everything is hanging on a tightrope. Therefore, a lot of their fans who have bet on their team, against the backdrop of a… historic run in the Champions League, still have their chances.

And we say this because they are not a few. In fact, the opposite is true. There are too many of them. According to English reports, which were obtained through the Ladbrokes Fanzone platform, 67% of Newcastle fans who joined the platform, bet on Eddie Howe's team to win the Champions League.

In essence, the platform gives you free bets and special bets, which are exclusive to the team you have declared. And the Newcastle fans took advantage of that, believing in surprise despite two consecutive defeats.

They seem more optimistic than Manchester City fans. The Citizens' support for the back to back Champions League is 55%, while Real Madrid is the top choice of all in the category that is not eligible for free bets.

So, do you think Newcastle's optimistic fans will be vindicated? It will be extreme. But really, who would have thought two years ago that they would go from contending for retention to struggling in the Champions League, with a change in administrative status?