'He makes you feel... stupid': This is how Toney 'disarms' opposing goalkeepers

He's staring at you. He goes for the ball in a way that makes you wonder if he really knows what to do or if he actually ... knows how penalties are taken. And yet, at that moment, his mind has it all under control. Ivan Toney has his way with goalkeepers and this is explained with the words of Ben Foster. 

'He makes you feel... stupid': This is how Toney 'disarms' opposing goalkeepers


He also showed it against Switzerland. He knows exactly where to send the ball so that the goalkeeper cannot reach and block the shot, no matter how hard he tries to spread his body on the grass.

He has an accuracy rate of over 90% in the Premier League and always makes sure to catch goalkeepers by surprise. He will never look at the ball. He will approach the spot, but will be staring at his opponent. And that's where the thoughts begin... But let's give Tony the importance and credit he deserves. 

The England striker from Brentford may not have won the plaudits that Arnold or Saka received after the quarter-final with Switzerland, but his contribution to the penalty shoot-out from which the Three Lions qualified for the semi-finals is of particular importance.

It wasn't just no-look execution, it was... no-look all of it! From the moment he set up the ball, until he sent it into the net. He had only Sommer in his field of vision. He didn't take his eyes off him. And veteran goalkeeper Ben Foster explained what's going on with the international striker.

“He makes you look stupid... You start thinking if he knows how to take penalties. He is waiting for you to make your decision on which side you will choose to fall. He waits to the extent that he leaves you no choice.

He is fully aware of his body, distance to the ball, where he is, when he should make contact and the angle at which he will shoot to score. I watched him in action against Switzerland and I was sure he would score. He has so much confidence!".