Diogo Costa never forgot Cristiano's help from Qatar and did the same with three penalty saves

At the World Cup in Qatar, a year and a half ago, the day Cristiano Ronaldo made history at major tournaments, almost turned into a nightmare for the Portuguese. Diogo Costa would have a huge responsibility. This year, with the qualification to the quarter-finals of the Euros, Costa in his own way reciprocated the support given to him by Cristiano in that awesome match against the Ghanaians...  

Diogo Costa never forgot Cristiano's help from Qatar and did the same with three penalty saves


CR7 was beaten by Oblak from the penalty spot in extra-time, he cried with the pressure reaching... the ceiling and leading him to break out, but in the penalty shootout, one of the greatest players in the history of the sport, made amends all.

On his side, Diogo Costa, who kicked out Cesko's attempt slightly before the final whistle at the extra-time, made three saves in the penalty shootout and was decisive for Portugal's presence in the "8" of this year's European Championship.

With his formidable achievement, the international goalkeeper appeared to say an informal 'thank you, I never forgot you' to Cristiano over what had happened in Qatar at the 2022 World Cup.

Ronaldo had then found the back of the net, he had written a great history of goals in five successive major tournaments, the score was 3-2, the minutes of stoppage time were ticking and a huge mistake by Costa almost proved fatal for the team that was led by Fernando Santos a the time.

The nightmare was averted, the victory came and the Portuguese goalkeeper was inconsolable. Then, CR7 tried to make him understand that the match was over, the positive result had come and nothing could change and go wrong any more.

He told him to smile and stressed that he should leave it to the past and look forward learning from what happened to him. And now, when Cristiano needed help, the Porto goalkeeper was there for him...