A crucial summer for Christos Tzolis: He is going back to England and Norwich have to make a decision!

If Fortuna Düsseldorf did exactly what they had to do against Bochum, and just defended the 3-0 first leg, then Christos Tzolis would definitely be playing in the Bundesliga next season. Now, he has to return to Norwich, with whom he is tied to a two-year contract, and wait. Unless the team that shone with her this year decides to pay close to five million, which they have done only once in their history!

A crucial summer for Christos Tzolis: He is going back to England and Norwich have to make a decision!


Has anyone understood exactly what Christos Tzolis, who belongs to Norwich, experienced a few hours ago in the barrage of promotion to the Bundesliga?

With a mythical turnaround, Bochum retained their place in the new Bundesliga season. Fortuna Düsseldorf had all the "omens" to get promotion to the big "salons" of German football, as they had prevailed in the first leg, away with 3-0.

But as it turned out, this was not enough, as with a terrible performance, Bochum won with exactly the same score and sent the meeting to extra time.

In the extra half hour, neither team found its way to the net, resulting in the "differences" in the penalty shootout. There, Uchino was fated for the hosts, in the 7th penalty shootout in a row, with Bochum celebrating their stay in the league.

What does all this mean? The agreement between the Canaries and Fortuna Düsseldorf was that if the Greek striker and top scorer of Germany's second division manages to move up with his team to the Bundesliga, then he automatically remains at the club.

The goal, however, was not successful and the only way for Christos to return to Germany is for Fortuna to decide to pay Norwich. His purchase clause is estimated at between 3. 5 million and 5 million and no one knows if the German team will make such a move. All the more so since it has done so only once in its history. That is, to give more than 3 million for a transfer, like five years ago, for David Kovnatski, to Sampdoria!

Therefore, at this point in time, everything depends on Norwich, who, in proportion to the season that Tzolis has recorded this season, may have celebrated with the development of the "barrage". Because initially, the Greek striker will return to "Carrow Road" and we see. Let's not forget that he is "tied" to a contract with the English team, until the summer of 2026!