Koumas has three choices and Cyprus is one of them!

We all know him. We found out about him overnight. Lewis Koumas was introduced to the football world. And it remains to be seen what choice he will make, between England, Wales and Cyprus!

Koumas has three choices and Cyprus is one of them!


He is only 18 years old. Apparently even a week ago, we would have known very little about him. After all, we had never seen him compete. He played with Liverpool's 'youngsters', excelled with them, but the story, as far as the men's team was concerned, ended there.

Now, Lewis Koumas is one of the most talked about faces in "The Island". The reason; Because he started against Southampton, he was outstanding and scored for the first time in Liverpool’s jersey for Jurgen Klopp's team, making it 1-0.

He opened the score and in fact, with a "classic" move of his. He took the ball, bent down and finished the phase with a shot from outside the area, choosing the opposite angle to the one the goalkeeper is moving. Somehow, Koumas became the fourth youngest to score on his debut for the ‘’Reds’’, and the second youngest to do so in the FA Cup with Liverpool.

It may still be early, but at some point, he will be asked to choose the country he wants to represent. Will it be England, in which he was born? Will it be Wales, where his father hails from and with whom he has played in the 'minor' national teams on five occasions in total?

Or will it be Cyprus? Because Lewis Koumas' grandfather is a Greek Cypriot. Therefore, this scenario is obviously also realistic. It remains to be seen what the 18-year-old will choose...