More expensive, but not more experienced: Pochettino had also his kids playing in the final!

There is a lot of talk for the Klopp's kids and Liverpool's triumph at the Carabao Cup final. Trophy was secured thanks to a squad full of youth, enthusiasm and talent. But who said that Chelsea had older players in the game? The figures from the average age show what noone thought about!

More expensive, but not more experienced: Pochettino had also his kids playing in the final!


Mauricio Pochettino strongly disagreed when he was told at the press conference shortly after the loss (1-0) at the League Cup final that the youth of the "reds" defeated the one billion cost players of the "blues".

Yes, this is accurate, but it is half the truth. Chelsea's players have apparently cost Todd Boehly more than a billion for his vision of the team's future and the chase of glory.

However, the money allocated for the acquisition of these footballers does not negate their age and the fact that we are not talking about the most experienced squad.

SkySports revealed that the average age of Chelsea's XI at Wembley's final on Sunday afternoon was just 23.9 years, while Liverpool's starting line-up was at 25.8!

Not only that, but at the end of the game, Pochettino finished had a team with a lower age level again! The “blues" reached up to 22.6 years and those of the winners were at 24.1!

Petrovic is 24 years old, Colwill is 21, Gusto is 20, Caicedo is 22, Enzo is 23, Gallagher is 24, Palmer is 21, Mundryk is 23 and Jackson is 22...

In addition, Chelsea had 8 players in the final under the age of 23, with Liverpool having 7 who got playing time. However, the cost for the transfers of these players, reached 38 million pounds for the "reds" and... soared to 390 million for the London club.

Perhaps, after all, Liverpool's future has imposed itself on Chelsea's... future, however much the financial side is a huge distance away.