The fans of Crystal Palace have. . . split with Hodgson's dismissal!

He is in hospital. He "collapsed" in training with Crystal Palace. His state of health is stable. The team, however, chooses to go further, a fact that has irritated many of their friends. Seems… bad, however, to end Roy Hodgson's huge career on the coaching benches in this way.  

The fans of Crystal Palace have. . . split with Hodgson's dismissal!

This is the 3rd sacking in this season's Premier League, with Crystal Palace expected to terminate their partnership with Roy Hodgson, just days after his 200th game on the bench.

The Eagles will release the most experienced coach in league history and hopefully, they have reached a full agreement with Oliver Glasner.

Thus, the coach who won the Europa League with Eintracht Frankfurt, comes to England for the first time, to replace Hodgson, marking the 3rd dismissal, after Cooper and  Heckingbottom.

But what is the theme of the Crystal Palace world? The fact that Roy Hodgson was taken to hospital after "collapsing" in his team's training, resulting in the cancellation of the press conference.

A few minutes ago, it became known that Hodgson's health is stable. However, a very large section of the Crystal Palace fans consider this decision disrespectful. "Chaos" on twitter, they point out that this choice should be made and Hodgson should leave the team while he is in hospital!