When is the last time Haaland and De Bruyne lost together in the Premier League?

A goal after two months for Erling Haaland. After nine Manchester City games in total. He has now reached 73 in 78 games in their jersey. Unbelievable. Just like his partnership with Kevin De Bruyne and their formidable unbeaten streak, for the past… 371 days!

When is the last time Haaland and De Bruyne lost together in the Premier League?


Did you miss him? Erling Haaland is here again. Manchester City is among us again. And even if they are not in first place in the Premier League, they have a very specific reason to be optimistic.

Because the Norwegian is at his best again. Even if he didn't look particularly impressive against Everton. It only took a moment for him to score for the first time in 2024 tin the Premier League.

He saw the ball drop to his right foot, shot it with and picked up where he left off two months ago. He had been absent in five of his team's matches and had not found the net in the four he had played in between.

His second goal was a "classic Haaland goal". He got the ball in space, got away from Branthwaite with ease and set up the final score for Manchester City.

This is the most important thing Pep Guardiola can take away from the Everton game. That and the fact that the duo "De Bruyne - Haaland" teamed up again on goals. Assisted by the Belgian, scored by the Norwegian, for the 9th time in the last two years.

No one has done so more times, with Manchester City now more than a year since they were last beaten and both played. One has to turn the calendar to February 5, 2024.

Back when he hadn't scored yet ever at Tottenham's new stadium, with the final 1-0 scoreline being set up by Harry Kane. Since then, 14 games have taken place and together they have 13 wins and a draw with Brighton.