Aston Villa: Against the same opponent for the absolute record 10 months later!

This coming Saturday Aston Villa is aiming  to get a win against Arsenal, after beating the English and European champions of Manchester city for the first time in 10 years! And this will be a huge statement. This team since Emery took over has moved up another level and 10 months had passed from the last home defeat, in a match against the "gunners"! Last February ‘s defeat for the Midlands team was the last. Since then in 14 straight home games Aston Villla have taken the three points and now holds the  opportunity to conquer a unique record in the history of their existence!  

Aston Villa: Against the same opponent for the absolute record 10 months later!


Every game is a goals galore. They are a team that really wants to score and their aggressive attitude, especially when they face an opponent who can withstand the... rodeo, makes the game more than entertaining. Of course, if you ask Unai Emery what he prefers, you will get the answer in terms of wins and not necessarily the range of score.

Aston Villa on Wednesday night didn't just beat Manchester City 1-0. Emery's team made 22 shots, had 13 of them in the first half and limited the "citizens" to just 2 shots in the whole game! The "villains" made Pep Guardiola admit the obvious, their absolute superiority over the "citizens" and now, the club from Birmingham has a historic opportunity ahead.

On Saturday afternoon, they host Arsenal in back-to-back matches against the pair of last year's title contenders. Villa already have a 14-game winning streak at home. Last defeat at "Villa Park" was last February! Then, Arteta's team won 4-2.

Should there be another positive result at this ground, it will be Aston Villa's best home performance in their entire history! And it counts 149 years of "life"!

Much more, if Aston Villa subdues Arsenal, as did with City, we will now be talking about a result - statement of the intentions and potential of this club and not just a record that will be recorded in the football books...