Grealish is a huge gamble for Pep and he needs to keep him happy!

He is the most expensive player in the Manchester City squad but he is not a regular any more. So why Jack Grealish is not the first choice of Pep any more and what Docu gives to the fluency of the team that the ex Aston Villa player can’t?  

Grealish is a huge gamble for Pep and he needs to keep him happy!


Grealish nearly won the game for Guardiola and Manchester City on Sunday scoring after 26 games but that goal was not enough and the question is why Pep doesn’t have the same faith on him as last year.

Personally I think that Pep  has coached the maverick out of Grealish. From a neutral’s perspective it’s disappointing, because he was such an exciting player to watch for Aston Villa. His ball retention is still superb, but it’s hard not to think his full potential isn’t being realised. Last year he was pivotal in many games but still nowhere near his best.

Not sure as well that Doku is that great at the crossing aspect of it to be honest and the fact that Guardiola prefers him I think it has to do with his unpredictability!

Plenty of times he turns and creates chaos but still  he can cross the  ball a bit earlier and he  didn’t in that game against Spurs.  I would bet that Haaland prefers playing with Jack than with Docu and even if I can’t prove it numbers talk loudly! See last year all the statistics with Jack and Foden alongside Haaland and give it  a look this season. The difference is huge.

What Manchester City needs is to be able to have Jack Grealish  ready to perform, even if he starts or not! And with Mahrez gone that is a personal gamble that Pep needs to take and win with Jack happy and ready for action.