Is Trippier the best right back around in the Premier League?

Should Kieran Trippier also be included in the conversation for the best right back in the Premier League? The England full-back registered another assist in this season's league, setting up Gordon's goal in Newcastle's 1-0 win over Manchester United on Saturday night.

Is Trippier the best right back around in the Premier League?


It is now two years since Newcastle had turned the tide around and from being last in the Premier league table, now they are competing in the UEFA Champions League after an absence of 20 years.

And crucial in all that transformation has been the first player to sign in the new era at the Northeast and this player is becoming more and more pivotal to the coach at Newcastle: Kieran Trippier. The assist against Manchester United on Saturday night  was his 7th in the most glamorous League of Europe, in a match that he could have scored too, but he hit the crossbar. 

Trippier has created 41 goalscoring chances in the Premier League and has the most passes inside the opposition area, reaching 154 so far!

He is extremely threatening every time he sprints from the right wing, runs the field and either overlaps, or decides to move inside the "box".

In addition, his crosses will all find the right recipient, regardless of the outcome of each occasion. He has the most successful crosses in the Premier League, with 38 of them directed to teammates in the area.

Given that he has already vindicated Newcastle's Saudi owners, being the first transfer of the club's new era, perhaps he should eventually enter the conversation for the best right-back in the league more often and more consistently, along with Arnold and James..