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29.06.2024 | 15:24

Gakpo and Nunez enjoy their time at Euro 2024 and Copa America!

Cody Gakpo tries to help the naive, Dutch national team. Uruguay's Darwin Nunez is back to his best with Suarez's advice and Bielsa's guidance. The two "reds" are shining in Euro 2024 and Copa America and Arne Slot is looking forward to working with them at the Kirkby. 

09.04.2024 | 18:18

AI has spoken and the result shocks everyone: All Champions League winners until 2103!

The artificial intelligence "spoke" and predicted all the winners of the Champions League, from... this year until 2103. The results are "unthinkable". We have conquests from countless English teams, but not Arsenal. Wolves, Nottingham Forest, Newcastle and Brentford are included in the list, Real Madrid will make the ultimate history in 2098!

29.03.2024 | 17:36

Amorim's strategic thinking, tactics and matching with Klopp

Facts, stats, videos explaining Sporting Lisbon's style of play and many more. Everything has been mobilized in the last few hours by Liverpool fans and the English sports media, with Ruben Amorim emerging as the ideal replacement for Jurgen Klopp. He even surpasses Xabi Alonso!  

29.02.2024 | 19:53

Koumas has three choices and Cyprus is one of them!

We all know him. We found out about him overnight. Lewis Koumas was introduced to the football world. And it remains to be seen what choice he will make, between England, Wales and Cyprus!

29.01.2024 | 14:01

Diogo Jota is becoming one of the best two-footed finishers in Europe!

A few years ago in his place was Santi Cazorla. Not as a goal scorer, but as a soccer player for whom you could not tell if he used his right or left foot better. Now, Diogo Jota is doing something similar at Liverpool, opening the conversation for the best finisher in every possible way!